Education for Peace
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Education for Peace

There is hope in the Middle East: At the Schneller Schools in Lebanon and Jordan, Muslim and Christian children get a good school education followed by a vocational training. Living together in peace and tolerance are of great importance.

Education for peace in the Middle East is an idea which Johann Ludwig Schneller already implemented when he founded the Syrian Orphanage in 1860. He brought in orphans from different religious backgrounds, offered them a good school education followed by a vocational training in order to enable them to live a self-sufficient life. The Johann Ludwig Schneller School (JLSS) in Lebanon and the Theodor Schneller Schule (TSS) in Jordan continue this important work. The Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools (EVS) supports and accompanies both schools. As a support group, the EVS raises donations from private individuals, congregations and other church groups.

Both schools are under the oversight of local bodies. The National Evangelical Church of Beirut is responsible for the JLSS. The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East oversees the TSS.

The EVS is one of the founding members of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) and understands its work as part of the worldwide ecumenical relations in the EMS Fellowship. It works on a partnership basis with the churches sponsoring the Schneller Schools which are both EMS member churches.

Our Projects

Johann Ludwig Schneller School

The Johann Ludwig Schneller School is located in the heart of the fertile Bekaa Valley. Christian and Muslim children learn and live together at JLSS. Orphans and children from disadvantaged families find a home.

Theodor Schneller School

The Theodor Schneller School is located on the outskirts of Amman. The children who live at the school mostly come from troubled families. Many are traumatized. TSS wants to help them to realize their own dignity.

Help for Syrian Refugee Children

The children are the ones who suffer most from the ongoing crisis in Syria. To give them hope for their future, we wish to enable them to attend school, even if they are far from home.

"Since my first visit to the Middle East as a student the people there have touched my heart and relationships have grown. Since then, many things have changed – but the longing for peace has stayed. And Schneller makes a contribution to that."

Bernd Apel

Reverend for Ecumenism

"Peace based on justice and respect among Christians and Muslims, is a vital issue for all people in the Middle East. The Schneller Schools contribute to that. That is why we should support them."

Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin

Lawyer and Politician

"When I was based in Jerusalem as a Provost, I was delighted to know that, at the Theodor Schneller School, I had a home beyond the River Jordan, whenever I had to serve in the Jordanian part of our congregation. Today, in my capacity as Executive Secretary of EVS, I know that the Schneller-Schools in Lebanon and Jordan (as well as the preschool project in Syria) are much more than just schools with workshops and boarding houses: they are boarding homes – providing the children with everything they should receive in a normal family: attention, love, and respect."

Uwe Gräbe

Executive Secretary Evangelical Association for the Schneller-Schools

"The Schneller Schools are a blessing for the children who get the chance to live there. The schools offer an important life perspective to girls and boys in Lebanon and Jordan regardless of their religious beliefs. With their commitment for peace-building the schools also strengthen the role of the churches in the Middle East."

Dr. Volker Jung

Church President Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau

"I want to support the Schneller schools because I have worked as a training supervisor for more than three years at the school in Lebanon. The Middle East deeply impressed me and my family and we are very grateful for all the wonderful experiencese with friends and the hospitality."

Anselm Kreh

Instructor at the Vocational Training Centre Schwäbisch Gmünd

"Education and training for those who need it the most: boys and girls in the conflict zone of the Middle East, in the country and for the country on the basis of the gospel and simultaneously with an ecumenical and interreligious openness: This is what has convinced me of the Schneller schools. Living together, learning with and from each other, in mutual recognition and respect, Christians and Muslims. This is tangible peace education."

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lähnemann

Theologian and Educationalist

"Being able and allowed to work is part of humanity. When young people start off with a sound education this will be a good ticket to the world of work. The activity of the Schneller Schools is meaningful for young people and of vital significance for their lives."

Dipl.-Ing. Alfons Riek

Project Director for Global Projects

"I attended a Schneller School from my first day at school until my last. I have gone far in my life thanks to an excellent education and an upbringing based on love, respect, honesty and respect for others. This school continues to deserve our support."

Dr. Basil Rischmawi


"As a descendant of Johann Ludwig Schneller and the son of the founder of the Theodor Schneller School, I am very familiar with its work, also due to my professional activity in Jordan. The school is highly esteemed in the Middle East and is more important than ever as a bridge for understanding."

Dr. Martin Schneller

Former Ambassador

"I have worked regularly with groups of German school students and adolescents from the Schneller Schools. That has taught me to truly appreciate the value of the education given at the schools for the Middle East."

Kerstin Sommer

Church Youth Secretary

"In the Middle East, the Schneller Schools are an outstanding example of how Christian witness and respect for people of other faith are not in contradiction"

Eberhard Will

Reverend Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck

Schneller Foundation - Education for Peace

The Schneller Foundation is committed to Christian peace education which is practised by both Schneller Schools. Tolerance and living together in peace are in the focus. Christian and Muslim children learn what it means to respect one another and practise mutual tolerance regardless of religion or culture. Many former students are active in their societies today.

Since 1889, the Evangelical Association for the Schneller School supports this peace-building work in the Middle East. On 11 November 2007, the association founded the Schneller Foundation. With this, it created another supporting leg to finance the work of the Schneller Schools.

The interest revenues secures the future of both schools on a long-term basis. When the foundation was set up it had a capital of 1,085,000 Euros. Thanks to many contributions the capital was raised up to almost two million.

Other than regular donations which have to be used shortly after a contribution to the foundation capital is a long-term investment in the work. As only the interest revenue is used to finance the work Schneller Schools.

Schneller Magazine

The Schneller Magazine reports four times a year about the two Schneller Schools in Lebanon and Jordan.
Feature articles, news items, analyses and interviews take up topical issues from the Arab world, linking them with the life of the students at the two schools. The Schneller Magazine places special emphasis on the situation of Christians in the Middle East. The Schneller Magazine is produced in cooperation with the headmasters of the two schools. 

You can read the magazine as e-book on our website or download it on your mobile device to read it offline.

Give the Gift of Future - Get Involved

With your donation you help us to offer children from poor and troubled families a good school education followed by a vocational training. This way, these children get the chance to live a self-sufficient life and to contribute to a peaceful future in the Middle East.

Financial sustainability for the Schneller Schools is the goal of the Schneller Foundation. With interest revenue the foundation finances for example necessary investments or trainings for educators.

A donation to the foundation is also a good to achieve something that goes beyond you or to honour the life's work of a loved one. To name the foundation in your bequest is also possible.

Becoming a member is another great way to support the Schneller Schools. You receive information and news about the schools on a regular basis. And you are invited to the annual meeting of members. With your complimentary subscribtion of the Schneller Magazine you are always up to date on the developments of the schools and the situation of Christians in the Middle East.

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